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Ghost Light: the Web Series

Season 1 & 2

Written and Produced by Jeanette Bonner

Directed by Neil Fennell

Starring: Jeanette Bonner, Darcy Cadman, Ben Sterling

Ghost Light is a web series that rips the blinders off what goes on behind-the-scenes in a community theater. Ever wonder what it takes to put on a show? Meet the master puppeteers, the Techies, the people that are never seen or heard...until now.


“With top-notch writing and acting, Ghost Light gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of those working in theater. Now it's time to show the world just how fascinating it is to be a tech guy or gal in the theater, and share it as much as possible.”
- Marx Pyle, author of "Television on The Wild Wild Web" & GenreTainment co-host
"Ghost Light is like '30 Rock for techie dorks." - BuzzFeed
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