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Who'll Save The Plowboy

Executive Produced by Jerry Rago

Directed by Marcia Haufrecht

Written by Frank D. Gilroy

Co-Produced with Lauren Rayner

Starring: Jerry Rago, Julie Hays, Spring Condoyan, Robert Haufrecht

Winner of the Obie Award in 1962, Who'll Save the Plowboy is based around the story of Albert Cobb was going to be a farmer, so his Army buddies called him "Plowboy". One buddy, now dying, has come for a last visit hoping to content himself that he did one good deed by saving Albert's life during a wartime scrimmage. Instead he finds a man who has failed at farming and everything else, including his marriage. Deceived by his wife and his own beliefs, Albert's attempts to lie to Larry only make the deception more evident, leaving him alone with his own self-delusions. WHO'LL SAVE THE PLOWBOY? is written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playright Frank D. Gilroy, who gave his blessings on the upcoming revival of this play.


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