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We believe that the best projects are collaborations of collective skills brought to a single table, because as artists we are all stronger together.  

We work with people that inspire us, teach us, and who are visionaries in actualizing a passion or idea.

We are passionate about the paradox of producing: that by looking to and leaning on our community, we build creative independence in this industry.  While a strong work ethic is important, so is a sense of JOY because ultimately we're all on this crazy ride together.  

KPHP takes on projects that give artists a voice and a platform to tell their stories, projects that are collaborative with females and other underrepresented artist groups, projects that break barriers and have a point of view, and projects that delight the human spirit.  


Festival & Distribution Strategy

Great!  You've made your project.  Now what?  Not knowing how to navigate the overwhelming world of festivals is natural.  Or, perhaps you've just finished a strong festival run and are not sure what to do with your finished project. We will work together to make sure we find the best next steps for you.

Private Workshops

Whether it's a 2 or 200 person workshop, online or in-person, we love to teach on all things producing, including everything you need to create your own work on a limited budget, at any age level.

Private Coaching & Mentorship

If you find yourself with a burgeoning idea or recently finished script and dream of a production, we can help you arrive there in the perfect timing and in the perfect way.

Film, TV & Media

Ready to get to work?  KPHP is available and excited to line produce, production manage, staff, or fully produce your project! 

Speaking & Hosting

We absolutely love opportunities to engage with audiences large and small. Whether it's a corporate audience, a college, or community center, we bring a fun and intentional energy to a room or screen. We have emceed multiple events, moderated film festival panels and have extensive recorded and live interview experience.


Curious/ concerned about crowdfunding?  we've personally led several successful campaigns and advised and managed on many others.  

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