KPHP believes that the best projects are collaborations of collective skills brought to a single table, because as artists we are all stronger together.  

We work with people that inspire us, teach us, and who are visionaries in actualizing a passion or idea.

We are passionate about the paradox of producing: that by looking to and leaning on our community, we build creative independence in this industry.  While a strong work ethic is important, so is a sense of JOY because ultimately we're all on this crazy ride together.  

KPHP takes on projects that give artists a voice and a platform to tell their stories, projects that are collaborative with females and other underrepresented artist groups, projects that break barriers and have a point of view, and projects that delight the human spirit.  

If you find yourself with a burgeoning idea or dream of a production, we want to help you arrive there in the perfect timing and in the perfect way.  We'd love to hear from you.


In addition to creating and producing, Jeanette has a love for consulting clients on their projects.


Crowdfunding Consulting

Project Development 

Pitching & Distribution Strategy

Please inquire using the CONTACT section to collaborate!

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